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S1 FSP Tar-Zaan E7- Tar-Zaan the Terrible

Having escaped the Lost City of Xuja’s Dirac Sea Pocket Universe, you would think Tar-Zaan, Jane, Bertha, Wazimbu, and Lord Tennington could safely part ways- but think again. They are soon met with a discovery of gigantic proportions. Meanwhile, La struggles with the German invasion of Opar as the sly Werper takes control of the lost city. Meriem and Jack are sent on a secret mission by the English government to make sure Opar doesn’t become an ally of the central powers as World War I begins to rear its ugly head. What is this humungous discovery Tar-Zaan and the gang make? What does Werper want with La? And how will Opar play into the first World War? Tune into Freshly Squeezed Pulp’s The Adventures of Tar-Zaan, Episode 7: Tar-Zaan the Terrible

S1 FSP Tar-Zaan E6- Tar-Zaan the Untamed

When we last left our intrepid hero, Tar-Zaan was without his memory and at the whim of the nefarious accountant Werper. Now stranded in the middle of a pop-up desert, the two must fend for their lives. Having left the Parisian World’s Fair to find her husband, Jane teams up with Wazimbu, the daughter of chief Mugambi, and a surprise friend of Hazel’s to track down Tar-Zaan. Will our heroes find one another in this strange new wasteland? Will Tar-Zaan ever get his memory back? And what does the lost city of Xuja have to do with it all? Tune in to Freshly Squeezed Pulp’s The Adventures of Tar-zaan Episode 6: Tar-Zaan the Untamed to find out!

S1 FSP Tar-Zaan E5- The Jewels of Opar

After their family adventures on The Western Coast of Equatorial Africa, the Porter-Of The Apes family returns back to England. But it’s not long before trouble stirs again- this time in the Greystoke Estate’s financial sector. Tar-Zaan takes off for Opar in search of more treasure with a sly new ally, Werper the accountant. Meanwhile, Jane prepares for a mathematics colloquium presentation while Hazel, The Professor, Jack and Meriem track down mysterious happenings at the Paris World’s Fair. Will the Greystoke finances be resolved thanks to a trip to Opar? What all will happen at the World’s Fair? And did Werper show up a little too conveniently at Tar-Zaan’s doorstep? Tune into Freshly Squeezed Pulp’s The Adventures of Tar-Zaan Episode 5: The Jewels of Opar to find out!

S1 FSP Tar-Zaan E4- The Son of Tar-Zaan

Fourteen years have passed since Tar-Zaan, Jane, and baby Jack escaped the clutches of Rokoff, Alexis, and La just off the western coast of equatorial Africa. In response to their traumatic experiences with the kidnappings, Tar-Zaan agrees under Jane’s suggestion to keep his life amongst the apes a secret to his son. To the dismay of Jane, Jack has inherited his father’s love for the jungle. When an Africa exhibit comes to visit London and Akut mysteriously shows up along with it, Tar-Zaan can no longer hide his secret. Jack is kidnapped and with the help of his new friend Meriem he may be able to find his parents again. But Alexis may have other plans… Where will Jack’s trials and tribulations take him? What is Alexis up to? And will the Greystoke dynasty ever be reunited again? Tune into Freshly Squeezed Pulp’s The Son of Tar-Zaan to find out!

S1 FSP Tar-Zaan E3- The Beasts of Tar-Zaan

When we last left Tar-Zaan, our jungle hero had just gotten married to Jane Porter (who’s from Wisconsin, by the way). While the two settle down at the Greystoke Estate back in England and have a son named Jack, it isn’t long before Alexis, Clayton, and Rokoff are up to their old shenanigans. Soon, Tar-Zaan, Jane, and Jack are all kidnapped by their enemies and end up (you guessed it) back on the exact same coast of western equatorial Africa! Will Tar-Zaan find his son and Jane? Will our villains get what is coming to them? And how does High Priestess La fit into this scheme? Tune in to Freshly Squeezed Pulp’s The Adventures of Tar-Zaan to find out!

S1 FSP Tar-Zaan E2- The Return of Tar-Zaan

Freshly Squeezed Pulp is back with episode 2 of the Adventures of Tar-Zaan: A Parody!

After leaving the western coast of equatorial Africa in pursuit of Jane Porter (who's from Wisconsin by the way), Tar-Zaan's adventure takes him to France where he meets the mysterious Rokoff and Alexis. Out to steal Tar-Zaan's fortune, the Rokoff-Alexis duo throws Tar-Zaan overboard and the original gang coincidentally gets shipwrecked on the exact same coast of western equatorial Africa as before. Will Tar-Zaan, Jane and the crew make it out of their escapades alive? Will Rokoff and Alexis get their come-up? And who is the mysterious La, high priestess of Opar? Tune in to Freshly Squeezed Pulp's The Adventures of Tar-Zaan to find out!

S1 FSP Tar-Zaan E1- Tar-Zaan Of The Apes [A Parody]

Freshly Squeezed Pulp introduces you to the Adventures of Tar-Zaan: A Parody! Please enjoy our feature episode as we tell the original story of Tarzan as written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in the form of a radio broadcast.

Dig deep inside to find the jungle within you as we introduce king of the apes himself, Tar-Zaan! How did this remarkable hero come to be? And how do the important players of this tale cross paths with this jungle legend? Join us on our first excursion into one of the most classic pulp-fiction tales ever told.