Duke's Dirty Little Secret

Want to know about those guys in the graduation gowns on LDOC? Who are they and why do they chirp like birds?

Hear At Duke launched an investigation, culminating in a faceoff for the ages in our last episode of the season.

The "Black Card"

What is the "Black Card" and how does it manifests on Duke's campus? Is being Black something that can or should be measured? Special guests include Arianna Carr and Kalif Jeremiah.

Unfinished Business (Live)

On Wednesday, April 11th, five Duke students performed true stories about this year's live storytelling event theme: unfinished business. These stories are podcasts that will were produced on stage in front of a live audience. This second annual spring show took place in the Doris Duke Center in the Gardens.

Steve Hassey - Don't Donate to Duke

How far does an extra dollar go at a university that already has billions? Steve Hassey talks about why financial support for lower income students stagnates as the opulence of Duke's campus grows.  Chroncast will continue to examine power structures at Duke, unpacking the ways in which issues like financial transparency, housing, and Greek life intersect with the student experience.

Episode 4 - Years

What has been the best single year in pop culture? For Nina, it's 1999 in film; for Will, nothing tops the music of 1977. They each dissect the calendar year they chose and what made it so influential — and they take a look at some recent years that might make the cut.  Clips used: - "Venus" by Television - "Speed of Life" by David Bowie - "Oh Bondage, Up Yours!" and "Plastic Bag" by X-Ray Spex

How Duke Lives

In the midst of a campus-wide discussion about housing, we bring you three stories from Duke students who have decided to live in unconventional spaces. Each place - the Smart Home, the Visions of Freedom Living Learning Community, and the Duke Marine Lab - has allowed students to create a community that is inseparable from the space itself.

Rush Series 1 - Trey Walk

Rush is a ubiquitous part of Duke culture. But why? What does it give us? What does it take away? Chroncast presents: The Rush Series. Where we explore the impacts of selectivity and housing on Duke’s culture. 

Episode 2: Odes

“________, I love you, but you’re bringing me down.”  In this episode, Nina and Will discuss odes: in this case, those works of art that pay homage specifically to a place, whether that’s a state, a city, or a single street. 

Duke Organizations - NPHC

We sat down with two members of NPHC organizations at Duke to talk about why they decided to join, their experiences thus far throughout college, and the lifelong commitment they've made to their organizations.

My Funny Valentine

It's Valentine's Day, so you know what that means: dealing with other people's mushy and over-the-top romantic gestures. This episode is an ode to love, but not the cheesy kind. With the help of Inside Joke, we present three different comedy sketches that focus on those people that aren't exactly winning at love. 

Person of Interest - Ep. 1: Dr. Rebecca Simmons

In the first episode of our new "Person of Interest" series, we sat down with Dr. Rebecca Simmons, Professor of the Practice in the Mechanical Engineering department at Duke. We touched on everything from her strong relationship with her students and her time as a student at Duke, to her family life.