Episode 1.10 — Andrew Carlins '21

Duke sophomore Andrew Carlins shares his political origin story and how he engages politically.

"I think there are absolute truths. To say that society has issues that have to be fixed are ultimate truths. Those are ultimate truths to the people suffering from them, and those are ultimate truths to the people benefiting from them, and everyone who falls in between." -Andrew Carlins

Sponsored by POLIS, Duke University's Center for Political Leadership, Innovation, and Service.

Episode 1.9 — Nicole Kiprilov '19

Duke senior Nicole Kiprilov shares her political origin story and how she engages politically.

"There's a misconception that open-mindedness means willing to change your beliefs or willing to budge on an issue you feel very strongly about." -Nicole Kiprilov

Sponsored by POLIS, Duke University's Center for Political Leadership, Innovation, and Service.

S2E4: KathyTran

Kathy Tran, Trinity '00 and Delegate for Virginia's 42nd House District, sits down to discuss representation, monuments, history majors, and how to instigate change.

Host: Nicole Lindbergh

Producer: Mary Helen Wood

S2E2: Elitism

Columnist Reiss Becker discusses his perspective on the purpose of today's higher education system, its inherernt elitism, and the consequent way he believes we should regard its influence on society.

Host and Producer: Mary Helen Wood

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Episode 1.1 -- Kristina Smith

Kristina Smith, president of Duke Student Government, shares her political background in an interview with POLIS: Duke's Center for Political Leadership, Innovation, and Service. This is the first episode in a new podcast series that explores what drives students' political engagement.

S2E1: The N-Word

What role does a racial slur that's still actively used to degrade a group of people play in today's popular music? Editorial Page Managing Editor Victoria Priester discusses her recent column on the use of the n-word in popular culture and music.

Duke's Dirty Little Secret

Want to know about those guys in the graduation gowns on LDOC? Who are they and why do they chirp like birds?

Hear At Duke launched an investigation, culminating in a faceoff for the ages in our last episode of the season.

The "Black Card"

What is the "Black Card" and how does it manifests on Duke's campus? Is being Black something that can or should be measured? Special guests include Arianna Carr and Kalif Jeremiah.

Unfinished Business (Live)

On Wednesday, April 11th, five Duke students performed true stories about this year's live storytelling event theme: unfinished business. These stories are podcasts that will were produced on stage in front of a live audience. This second annual spring show took place in the Doris Duke Center in the Gardens.

Steve Hassey - Don't Donate to Duke

How far does an extra dollar go at a university that already has billions? Steve Hassey talks about why financial support for lower income students stagnates as the opulence of Duke's campus grows.  Chroncast will continue to examine power structures at Duke, unpacking the ways in which issues like financial transparency, housing, and Greek life intersect with the student experience.